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ultimate-stress: simple and fast stress-test framework

This post is about stress test framework mainly for java projects but can easily be used for others (from any machine with java7+), as there is a support for http requests with template engine out-of-box.

This is an open-source project at GitHub.
I created it after similar task at work, where we needed to stress our app with huge amount of requests and custom logic on each one. E.g. we needed to call code from our codebase on each request  and as I checked - no one existing stress/load testing tools allow to call your terrible legacy code on each request.

So, what is yet another stress test tool and what it can do? 2 features: speed and simplicity (say, dump simplicity! ).
Sorry, there is another one: it's general, as you can send not only http but any tcp requests.

First, speed is limited only with your network card and connection limit: yes, it uses NIO (via Netty) for requests. But key thing is it dynamically adapts to current machine load and connection limit (details) and thus you can get a maximum requests from any available machine with java 7+. (No it's not modern machine-learning-rocket-science stuff, it's just kind of trial-and-error strategy =)

Second, simplicity means that you can generate requests by just extending one interface.
And it's done as a maven project, so you can easily build/test etc.

And the last thing I should note, the binary distr (jar) is only 1.5 mb and you can run it in any OS with java 7+ from simple command line

All docs at GitHub. Try, enjoy, fork, extend!

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